Water Codes
The Science of Structured Water

“The true foundation of all culture is their knowledge and understanding of Water.” ~Viktor Schauberger

“Structured Water is the Essence of All Life”~ Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi

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Structured Water vs. Tap Water

Water is not the simple glass of liquid you were taught in school, some random arrangement of hydrogen and oxygen. Rather, water has the amazing ability to arrange it’s hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating, geometric formations – just like a crystal. It’s not the random water that comes from your tap, but it is the water in your body – all 99% of your molecules, by count. Learn the difference, and discover how structured water can not only change your life, but also change the world!

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<b>Structured Water vs. Tap Water</b>

  • “Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes – one for peace and one for science.”

    John F. Kennedy
  • “Ultimately, a theory that would adequately explain the existence of structured water would also explain the connection between mind and matter…”

    Dr. Marcel Vogel, IBM Scientist
  • “Life is water, dancing to the tune of molecules.”

    Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Laureate
  • “The true foundation of all culture is their knowledge and understanding of Water.”

    Viktor Schauberger
  • “All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

    Nikola Tesla
  • “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever.”

    Dr. Alexis Carrel
<b>Structured Water: The Science of Health</b>

Structured Water: The Science of Health

Science shows us it’s really structured water that is critical for Life. It determines our health, longevity, and wellness. The loss of structured water in the cells has been shown to be responsible for disease – whether cancer, diabetes, or otherwise. Our health, and disease, all start in our water system. Learn the real science of how your body works, and why structured water is important.

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Creates Consciousness

For centuries, scientists and philosophers alike have failed to answer one of mankind’s most important questions: How does consciousness work? Now we know.
Dr. Stoppelbein’s concept of a model for consciousness based on structured water answers this question, and more. What are the physics behind energy, consciousness, and our body? How do we explain things like expressions of plant consciousness? Or the force behind the mind-body-spirit connection? Discover Structured Water and the Science of Consciousness for the most groundbreaking theory yet.

<b>Water Codes:</b> The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment

Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment

The most comprehensive collection of structured water science and spirituality to date! Written by Dr. Carly Nuday, with novel concepts from Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, Water Codes details breakthrough research and Nobel Prize worthy discoveries to explain in an understandable way how structured water works not only to maintain our health, but also how it operates as a fractal antenna for the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness!

Learn your world, and your health, like never before!

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Sacred Water

Throughout history, and across all religions, mankind has understood the inherent power of structured water and it’s connection to consciousness. From ancient texts and sacred teachings, our wisest sages and most honored prophets have proclaimed the power of water in their practices and preaching. Discover how Jesus was truly a Water Preacher, and what the ancients really knew about Water and Consciousness, and Water and Spirituality.

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<b>Water: The Ultimate Fractal Antenna</b>

Water: The Ultimate Fractal Antenna

What is a fractal antenna? How does our Water define and manage our consciousness? Learn the amazing science and new theory developed by Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, which demonstrates how Water is the key to Consciousness and Energy, how our thoughts actually affect our health, and more.

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Water: The Computer of Life

It’s not just a computer.
Water provides us the storage capacity and the operating system for our hardware, and serves as the interface between our bio-energetic systems and our physical bodies. The development of computers has finally allowed us the language to understand water as memory and information storage, processing systems, operating systems, updated networks, viral encoding, and digital to analog computing.
It’s not just pseudo-science anymore, rather this is science at it’s finest. Get ready to evolve.

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<b>Water: The Computer of Life</b>

Water Systems
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Tools to improve your Water, and your Life. Water structuring units, filtration systems, emf protection, bio-water therapy systems, structured water based products, and more.
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